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Mr. Metal is a premium metal supplier and provider of custom metal cutting services in Ontario.

Our team offers the largest metal selection in Southern Ontario, with over $1 million of inventory, no minimum orders, same-day deliveries, and rare-product procurement. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver convenient and accessible metal solutions to over 30,000+ businesses in Ontario.

Our experienced team offers custom metalworking to provide our customers with project management efficiencies, superior pricing, and quality service.

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Our Services

Metal Shearing

Metal shearing services for up to .500” sheet metal to match your exact specifications and ensure minimum waste of materials. Our in-house team has access to three shears that can be used on a range of materials.

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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting services for sheet metal and other materials up to 6” in thickness, using 60,000 PSI and delivering finished products accurate to within +/- .001” tolerance. An effective option for materials that cannot be cut using heat, due to warping effects, or for projects that require specific designs with curved edges.

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Press Brake Bending

Using our in-house press brake, our team is able to provide sheet metal bending services to accommodate up to .500” sheet metal thickness and deliver custom bending solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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Hole Punching

Our in-house ironworker allows us to punch up to 1.800” holes in metals under 1.250” in thickness, delivering hole punching services to match your precise specifications. Our ironworker can work with a variety of metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and more.

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They have everything I need & I am able to do one stop shopping.

I am encouraged and welcomed to walk around their warehouse.

Their metal knowledge is tremendous & saves me time and money

These guys are quick and very cost effective for me.

Lots of places want to sell me metal but not metal solutions...

Their delivery is amazing! It's always on time & very helpful