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Our new warehouse is bigger and better than ever! We will now be able to store even more metal to insure that we have what you need when you need it.

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With over a century of combined wisdom in the practice of custom metal work, Mr. Metal isn’t just fully stocked, built for precision and geared for speed; it also empowers you to move any metal working project forward with confidence.

We know you are accountable for project results. So, from drawing board to board room, our in-house, forward-informed metal shop accumen equips us to assess, advise, price and review your project needs.

We understand that it’s competitive out there. That’s why our team is committed to providing a perfect edge.


Mr. Metal does offer the largest inventory and selection in Southern Ontario. And we do offer the kind of leadership in metal works expertise that results in project management efficiencies. But what about pricing and service?

Let’s just admit it. Every metal supplier says they’re competitive on price. And every metal supplier says they provide the best service. What really matters is what their clients say.

So, while we think our massive inventory, rare-product procurement, tech-forward automated production cutting systems, over a century of metal working wisdom, no minimum orders, and same-day delivery speak volumes about our service, we’re also happy to arrange for you to hear what our clients have to say.

Our efficiencies become their efficiencies. Our commitment to their results is what brings them back.